Cake It Up, part 2: The Music Video

Soon after writing the carb-loving song featured in part 1 of  Cake It Up, I quickly and irrationally developed a dream of turning it into a music video. I pictured humans dressed as various food items, merrily singing the lyrics in unison.

While also performing some choreographed dance moves. Or maybe break-dancing.

Just look at these people. Look how happy they are.

I’m so grateful to have friends who not only share my enthusiasm for food, but also indulge me in my odd daydreams by volunteering to be the dancing foods.

Now that’s friendship.

And as we all know, jokingly offering to do something is legally binding in the state of Texas. Which means I’m holding you to this, people.

Therefore, WHEN (not if) this song becomes a music video, you will see these fine people portraying these fine foods:

Kim – a frighteningly large piece of chocolate cake – not because Kim is large, but because the cakes we devour are. If possible, her costume would involve a scoop of ice cream as well, because we like to combine multiple desserts into one. We’re efficient that way.

This one is way cuter than I envisioned it.

Amanda: Not surprisingly, I see my fellow cheese-judger dressed as a bowl of queso, perhaps surrounded by tortilla chips. I’m a little concerned that this costume might be a bit cumbersome to walk in, let alone dance in, but Amanda’s mostly coordinated, so I’m sure she’ll do fine! Or she won’t. But either way it’s okay, because seeing a falling bowl of human queso would be entertaining all on its own.


Haylee – a roll of raw cookie dough, plain and simple. Maybe with a chocolate chip hat. We’re courageous souls, unfazed by fears of salmonella.


Heather – definitely a bowl of macaroni and cheese, in honor of our favorite (okay, only) dorm meal in college. Preferably, she’d be of the Velveeta Shells & Cheese variety. Only the finest of brands for my friends!


I’m not quite sure yet how any of these costumes will get created. I’m pretty crafty, but I have next to no sewing skills. If you have expert sewing ability and would like to get involved in a weird project for no pay, you know who to contact!

…Actually, if you know anything about choreography or filming music videos, that’d be helpful, too.

I’ll even put your name in the credits of my music video.


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