A Beginner’s Guide to Optimism


I’m a little disturbed by a trend I keep seeing. It’s mostly evident on social media (god forbid), and in the comments sections of yahoo articles (why do I keep reading those??), but does happen in person as well.

What’s the trend, you ask?

Individuals saying things along the lines of, “there are few good people left in this world.”
Or, “I weep for the future.”
Or, “I’m terrified for where our society is headed.”

If you’re one of these people, what exactly got your panties in such a knot? What made you lose ALL hope for the future? I ask this because the majority of people I know who have experienced all the hurts and horrors life has to offer, still see the good. These are people who have witnessed enough pain to make the rest of us think it’d be understandable if they hated the world – and they still don’t. They see strengths in themselves, and in their loved ones, and they would give you the coats off their backs if they saw you shivering.

No, the people who fear the “inevitable” destruction of our society, and the annihilation of our morals, did not get that way by experiencing one too many negative life experiences.

Perhaps these people have jobs and lifestyles that don’t provide a lot of positive social interaction, so they miss out on the good, decent people who are all around us. Some of these lovelies are doing HUGE good things – advocating for human rights, conducting research to cure cancer and AIDS, and ensuring that families around the globe have access to clean water.

Some are doing smaller, behind-the-scenes good things that the world at large may never know about, but that still contribute to the betterment of our planet – becoming licensed foster parents, knitting blankets for animals in shelters, and writing blog posts about cheese  volunteering their time in some capacity.

Surely any naysaying doomsdayers reading this can think of recent times when others were good to you? Maybe your coworker left you a sweet note when you were having a rough day? Maybe a taller person helped you reach something you couldn’t get to in the grocery store? Maybe your roommate let you have the last slice of pizza?

I hope you Cranky McCrankypants can think of something, because the only thing that terrifies me about current society is the idea of living around people who all think our world is wretched and doomed.

And no, remembering that there’s good around us doesn’t make us “Polyanna.” It doesn’t make us naïve. If anything, it makes us human.

Okay, I’m done.

Rather than apologizing for getting a little rant-y, I’ll instead say a “thank you” for reading this to the end. Like a lot of other bloggers, I usually prefer to keep my writing light-hearted and humorous – mainly because it’s more fun for me 😉 But when something a bit more serious is poking at your brain, dying to be written about, sometimes you just have to give in.

A little bit of loveliness to make you feel better about the world

9 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Optimism

  1. I love your blog and you are so right about optimism. We are living longer, we have more to eat, fancy houses, inside toilets – we should stop moaning! I can’t participate in the queso fest, though, as I am lactose intolerant… 🙂

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    1. How did I forget about indoor toilets?? Just the idea of NOT having to trek outside in the middle of the night should be enough to make us more positive!

      I’m deeply, deeply sorry about your lactose intolerance. I just can’t imagine life without my melty cheese 🙂

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  3. Sing it!
    A li’l somethin’ that I like to do is keep a “Happiness Jar” and write at least one happy thing that happened during the day. Sometimes, it’s as simple as “A friendly stranger held a door open for me. How nice!” and other times, it’s something big, like if a friend visited from out of town and completed my life. It sounds like those Grumpy McGrumpersons on social media need Happiness Jars.

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    1. Megs, that is a GREAT idea! I love that. From time to time, I’ve considered keeping a journal where I list one thing I’m grateful for each day – but I think I like your idea even better. Maybe you’ll become famous for this, and the Grumps and Crankies of the world will want to join the fad 🙂


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