April Foolishness

Some of the photos and screenshots I took on my phone during the month of April do a pretty good job of reflecting how the month went for me in general:


Got creative for dinner one Friday night. It was a tough week, okay?


Worked on my crochet temperature blanket – the color of each row depends on what the temperature was in my area that day.  I add one row every single day for one year, so it’s going to be gargantuan when it’s done.  Have a herd of cows that you need to keep warm next winter? I’ll send you this blanket.

(The wine is to help me forget my recurrent nightmares that the blanket is slowly smothering me to death.)


Celebrated Ice Cream Grandma’s 90th birthday. True story: mere moments before we left for the (surprise) party, my rapscallion grandmother groaned and said, “I hope no one tries to throw me a party. I hate parties.” Gulp.


Reminded myself that grad school was totally worth all that time and money and stress and studying and money and test-taking and money. I’m sure it won’t take me a kajillion years to pay off my student loans. Everything’s fine! (Excuse me while I cry into my cereal.)

Tried three new quesos! All the ever lovin’ cheese a girl could want.One was from Billy’s on Burnet, and the other two reviews are still to come.


Casually strolled around my neighborhood and pretended like it was enough exercise to burn off all the cheese I had eaten earlier in the day.


Remembered yet again that I have bad luck ordering clothes from online. Example A: the bikini top that looks cute at first,  until you realize that the cups are a mile apart. Seriously, what kind of mutant boobs are THIS far apart?

If anyone has ideas for fixing it, I’m all ears. Because otherwise, I’m getting out my machete and about 60 safety pins. You haven’t won yet, Amazon!

And last but not least, I laughed at a conversation that took place between my fellow cheese-judger Amanda, her sister Katrina, and me:


It’s unclear which “Amanda” Katrina was referring to here, but it’s true either way. The love we have for gooey cheese is far more romantic, stable, and enduring than many other love stories.

All in all, my April brought some stressful days, but also lots of days of celebration and cheese. What was your April like? I’d love to see what kind of pictures you took throughout the month.

P.S. – Anyone want to make bets as to how long the blanket will measure once it’s completed in a few months? The winner can have…the satisfaction that comes with being a really good guesser.

13 thoughts on “April Foolishness

  1. A) That first picture is one of my favorite dinners.
    B) I laughed out loud that your grandma groaned that she hated parties right before the party. Whoops! I’m sure she liked it, though… right?
    C) That meme is too real for me right now. :-[
    D) You basically went into my brain and wrote exactly what I was thinking, regarding the bikini top. If Texas ever got cold enough, it make great earmuffs. I feel that with your talents with fixing the carpet in your apartment, you might have the talent to hand sew it into something that will fit and not fall apart…? If the sewing job were too obvious, you could cover the seam with ribbon and cute bow?? Or, my personal choice, lots of glue and glitter.
    E) Your blanket is SO COOOOOOL!! I have absolutely no idea how to guess these things, so I’m tossing 8 feet out there. No clue.

    That’s enough letters.

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    1. I like that your comment is in the form of a formal outline, so I’ll stick to it 🙂

      A. & B. When Grandma showed up and everyone said “Surprise,” she looked legit unhappy haha. She loves sweets though, so we quickly cut her a big piece of cake and then she was fine! The power of cake cannot be denied.
      D. Oooo, those would be the most festive earmuffs ever! I had thought about sewing, but I’m pretty bad at it. I actually really like the idea of covering it up with a little bow though! That has definite potential.
      E. Thank you! It’s turning out really colorful. 8 feet definitely sounds like a possibility 😉


    1. I know! It’s funny, because I thought at first that I was posting this on the last day of April, and then realized today is May haha.

      Hopefully I remember this post at the end of December when the blanket is complete 🙂


  2. momsranting

    oh pictures on my phone, all of our vacation pictures from Mexico, various icky looking wounds from random patients, and also my kids doing funny/disgusting things. what temperature does green mean on your blanket?

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    1. Ohh if I were you, I’d be looking at those vacation pictures all the time! It’s interesting to me that you keep pictures of wounds on your phone haha. Are you one of those people who likes gross stuff?

      Green is for a temperature in the 60s. Yellow is 70s, which we’ve had quite a bit of already.

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      1. momsranting

        ha, no I don’t especially enjoy gross stuff….but it helps keep track of healing wounds on some of my patients. No identifying info in the pictures, so unless someone is intimately acquainted with their wound…. eeeewwww…. they wouldn’t be recognized. I show them to the patients as well, otherwise sometimes they’d never see what it looks like!

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  3. I love the blanket idea. So cute. It could cover the whole house and save energy in the winter. Like a small step to save the world! April for me was a blur of soccer games, not running enough and therefore wearing my fat pants all the time, lots of black tea and Publix subs (because Publix came to NC!!)

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    1. That’s a great idea! Not only would it save energy and keep me warm, it’d also block out the sunlight when I want to sleep in 😉

      It sounds like your April was pretty busy. I haven’t been to a Publix before, but I’ve heard awesome things about it, and if they serve subs, then it’s already won me over! You know you’re a grown up when you get excited about a new grocery store in town haha.

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