One Word Inspiration: Secret


A few days ago, I signed myself up for a Blogging University course called “Everyday Inspiration.” For 20 days, WordPress sends you a daily assignment to help you strengthen your writing muscles.

They encourage you to publish the stuff you come up with, but I’ve decided to only post certain things.  After all, my blog centers around cheese (both in food and joke form), and it’s sometimes challenging to brie funny and lighthearted with these assignments.

Couldn’t resist fitting in a quick cheese pun 😉

Day Three (today’s) assignment was to choose a one-word prompt from a set list and interpret it in the way you see fit. The word I selected was “Secret,” and I decided to make a poem out of it. It’s a bit darker and more serious than what I usually do – never fear, I’ll return to the silliness soon 🙂


A secret, a secret
Burning a hole
Squeezing my mind,
Hurting my soul.

This secret, this secret
Longs to come out
I’m holding it in –
But dying to shout.

My secret, my secret
Maybe I’ll tell…
My mind might calm,
My thoughts might quell.

But then it’d be out there
Careless, unsafe
No taking it back
No choice but to wait.

Secrets, oh secrets:
Everyone’s got one
Some are harmless,
None are forgotten.

This secret, this secret
Still causing me pain
Seizing my heart
Wounding my brain.

My secret, my secret
Why can’t I tell?
Too many risks –
My conscience is hell.

The whole point of the course is to strengthen my writing skills, so any feedback would be appreciated! Again, I don’t usually do poems (unless they’re fun ones about dolphins), but feedback regarding this post is likely to be helpful for my other posts as well.

And for my fellow blogger friends – if you’ve never done one of these courses, I recommend trying one at some point! The assignments definitely have me thinking and writing in ways that I don’t normally consider.



25 thoughts on “One Word Inspiration: Secret

  1. I rarely do poems, too, so I’m always fascinated when someone writes such a good one. I feel like they’re a really beautiful, sometimes vulnerable way to write. Well, the one about dolphins may not have made you feel vulnerable. Maybe it did because you professed such love.

    Anyway, I really like the rhythm of this and I like that it put me in the place of “the writer,” feeling anguish about what it’d feel like to relieve my conscience of the secret — a weight could be lifted, but it could cause more problems.

    Really good! Your poem is a real conversation-starter!

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  2. I took a blogging vise on poetry. I write prose form. I’m not an orderly mind. The secret was done week the repetition builds that anxious feeling. It has a great feel and meter to it! Nicely done 😀

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    1. Thanks for the feedback! Since you took the poetry course, I feel like you probably know what you’re talking about haha. Poetry definitely requires a different way of thinking, doesn’t it? I’m glad I tried something different, but I’ll probably stick to my usual tools.

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  3. I really like your poem! The repetition of the word secret/s is great. I took the Blogging U poetry course, and it is so fun and helpful to learn more about how poetry forms are constructed. I wish you well in the course you’re taking. 🙂


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