The Space to Write

Right now, I’m participating in a Blogging U. course called “Everyday Inspiration” in which WordPress emails me a daily writing assignment to help me get my creative juices flowing.

(I’ve always been slightly grossed out by the phrase “get your creative juices flowing.” Instead, let’s say that the course helps me “get my creative cheeses melting.” Catchy.)

Anyway, today’s assignment was to describe the space and circumstances in which I write. What type of setting do I need? What supplies or tools do I use?

Here’s what’s been working for me so far:


I write on my crabby 10-year-old laptop. I wish I could say that I use fancy apps or programs, but to be honest, I use Microsoft Word –  and not a modern version of it, either. Because the nicer ones aren’t compatible with Windows XP. #Conspiracy.

I use one document for keeping a list of blog post ideas, and another Word doc for holding my in-progress stuff. If I want to edit a picture in a funny way, I use Paint.

If blogging styles were types of dessert, mine would probably be a slightly old candy bar. I’ll leave the crème brûlée and chocolate soufflé to other bloggers 😉


I do the vast majority of my writing in the evenings after I get off work. However, I love writing really late at night, and I think some of my funnier (and goofier) stuff has been written then. (Probably because my brain is tired and confused.)


Most of the time, I write while sitting on my super-comfy-but-lacking-in-the-looks-department couch in my living room. I’d like to be able to write in more delightful settings, like at a coffee shop, or inside a gas station, but I really do my best writing and thinking from my own home.  Plus, pants are optional here.

The most eccentric thing about my writing space is that I like to keep the television on, but muted. If the sound is playing, the noise distracts me from my line of thought – which is understandable. But if the TV is totally off, I tend to freeze up and go blank. For some reason, having the visuals on seems to take the pressure off.

The view from my elderly computer:



Anything that gets my creative cheeses melting makes me feel better. And anything that makes me feel better, and doesn’t cause harm to anyone else (which my blog hasn’t yet, to my knowledge), is a good thing.

To my fellow writing nerds (meant in an affectionate way, of course), what does your writing space look like? Are there any habits or rituals that you follow? I found this to be a super interesting question, so if any of you want to make your own blog post on this subject (even without being enrolled in the course), I’d love to read it! Commenting on here works too, of course 🙂

P.S. – Today’s writing prompt also came with an additional assignment: to invite my readers and fellow bloggers to submit your ideas for what I should blog about in the future. What burning questions do you have for me? What silliness or seriousness would you like to see from me? All ideas are welcome, and your idea might just appear in another Blogging U. assignment in a couple of weeks. Go to my new contact page in order to send me your thoughts!


21 thoughts on “The Space to Write

  1. #twinning
    I love using Paint, as demonstrated by my header image. But my computer doesn’t have it. 😩 I hop on my mom’s computer when I feel strongly that I must use it.

    I also usually write from home and like to have the TV on with the volume off! As my blog name suggests, I write late at night, because my ramblings are more entertaining then. If I write during the day, I sit outside.
    I’ve never thought to do anything at a gas station. Have you gone there to study or eat before?

    I also do not like “creative juices flowing” and I’ve never heard someone else say that it bothers them!

    You get me, BT.

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    1. Hahaha, I’m loving that hashtag!

      I am super impressed that you made your header image on Paint. Nothing I’ve ever done on Paint turned out that good. I think I have a love-hate relationship with that program – I’m so glad that I have it for weird projects, but it takes me forever to do anything on it!

      The “creative juices flowing” phrase needs to go away. I think when people use it from now on, I’ll respond by throwing up on them. Hopefully, over time, people will be conditioned against using it. Would you like to join me in this disgusting revolution?

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      1. I’m in!

        Well, I was actually thinking that I’d put my finger over their mouth, shush them, and correct them by saying, “No no! It’s creative queso melting!” But vomiting might be a more effective tool.


  2. Write This Down

    I do some of my writing at work as well (shhhh), but I usually finish and post at home, when I have less distractions and can play around more with images. I’ll go to a coffee shop sometimes, but I kinda like my own coffee so I have a hard time justify paying someone $3 for something I can make at home…and then keep filling up….oh and I definitely agree on the optional pants too. It’s so hard.

    As far as what to see next? MORE CHEESE. 🙂

    P.S. I don’t do a ton of editing but when I edit pics, I use Google Photo. When I want to make banners or headers, I use It’s free (unless you want upgrady things) and you can create banners to a particular size.

    Have fun in university!

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    1. I might have done just a teensy bit of writing at work (on a slow day) as well. When the ideas and thoughts are in your head, you’ve gotta get them out, huh?

      You know what, I use Google Drive and their spreadsheets, but I never thought about using their photo stuff! I’ll have to give that a try next time. Thanks for your tip about Canva as well!

      And rest assured, there will DEFINITELY be more cheese 😉

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      1. Write This Down

        It’s a site that let’s you create pictures, posters,headers, banners…that kind of stuff. I think I originally saw it mentioned by the WP folks a while back and checked it out. It’s pretty fun.

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  3. I’m amazed at the fact your laptop is 10 years old and still alive. Mine is 4 years old. The IT guy got into the sever yesterday and told me it was so slow, slow like a 20 year old computer and he would throw it across the room rather than use it. I like my laptop, but sometimes wrote on my boyfriend desktop. Sometimes I wrote in loose leaf. I kinda like to rough draft there.
    Like I said in my ‘about me’ section of WordPress, my blog has no theme or subject. Just like me it’s all over the place. Meh. I enjoy yours. 😊🙋🏻

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    1. Oh mine’s got its quirks, for sure. It has actually completely died two different times, but I fortunately have a computer-knowledgeable father who was able to bring it back to life. It drives me crazy sometimes, but I can’t justify getting rid of it yet, since it still gets 99% of the job done.

      Hey, if you’re just doing your blog for your own personal enjoyment, who cares if it has a specific theme or not 😀

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  4. I love this. I can picture you better when I read your postings now.

    I also love to write at night. Partly that’s because it’s so hard to concentrate with a couple of toddlers wreaking havoc, but I’ve always been a night person. Maybe that’s common in creative/writer types.

    There’s something about being up late at night that spurs creativity. You feel like you’re in your own world… there are no distractions.

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    1. I think it’s a combination of things! Nighttime brings more freedom and creativity because there aren’t distractions. I think it also somehow takes the pressure off – if my writing isn’t going well, then it’s obviously because I’m tired and need to go to bed, not because I’m just a terrible writer. That time of night comes with its own set of excuses 😉

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  7. I think it’s a great idea to post pictures of our writing spaces. I actually have two. One is my not-desk (’cause it’s not a desk) with my old Mac. In the evening I write on my wife’s computer, because my Mac is SO old it won’t do 1/2 of what I, the writer, need it to do. So I would have two photos. I might actually have to post them one day. I also use Paint. It works, it does what I want and quite well at that. Love your blog’s name, btw. I just found your blog and am going to follow right now!


    1. I’m sorry for the delay in responding to you! I just checked my comment spam folder, and for some reason, this was in it.

      Anyway, I definitely think you should make a post of where and how you write – it’s been so interesting to hear what works for other people. I feel you on the super old computer, too. Clearly, you and I are just much more loyal to our electronics than most people are 🙂

      Thanks for the compliments and for the follow! Sorry again about the spam thing – I “un-spammed” you, so hopefully it won’t happen again.

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