The Lie, the Guilt, and the Wardrobe


For a couple of weeks, I’ve been participating in a Blogging U. course called “Everyday Inspiration.” For an assignment last week, I asked readers to visit my contact page and suggest ideas or questions for me to blog about in the future. Thanks to those of you who took the time to suggest prompts for me! Feel free to submit more as they come to you 🙂

For today’s assignment, WordPress recommended answering one of the questions or post ideas that I received. There were lots of funny, intriguing, and downright strange ideas, so this was a tough choice. Fortunately, I’ll have plenty of material in the future should I need some inspiration!

The post idea that I selected for today’s assignment is this:

 What is something weird you did as a kid?

I was a relatively well-behaved and normal kid, despite my penchant for playing in my closet and making up mildly concerning stories about my dolls.

And my tendency to stand next to my parents’ bed and stare at my mother as she slept.

Totally ordinary stuff.

Truth is, I definitely had my moments of teasing the line of normalcy. And by “teasing the line,” I really mean flying an airplane over the line, and laughing maniacally as I left it behind me.

Anyway, it wasn’t hard for me to think of a strange story, but I thought this anecdote could best be told through a series of pictures I crafted on MS Paint.

Think of it as being like a children’s story – with swear words and an inappropriate lesson at the end.


Moral of the story: I was a weird child. Also, Moms can be tricky.

What were you like as a kid? Can you remember any strange things you might have done, or terrible lies you told? Did you get away with these things, or were you eventually caught?


36 thoughts on “The Lie, the Guilt, and the Wardrobe

  1. In grade 1, I copied some kid’s wordsearch answers (he let me, he was cool with it) but the guilt of me CHEATING in SCHOOL literally kept me up at night so I confessed to my mom at like 3am. I think it’s a sign of good parenting if a child feels bad for doing something wrong, even if it’s an accident or not really a big deal.

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    1. Agreed! I think your parents’ lessons and words are what end up becoming your inner conscience. I give major props to my mom for pretending to believe my ridiculous story, and just letting me come clean when I was ready. I’m sure she knew that I’d eventually give in…


  2. momsranting

    I am not good at actually verbalizing my wrong doing. Once when I was younger I was forced to wear saddle shoes with red rubber bottoms. don’t ask. the rubber wore through and I actually had holes all the way through the soles, but I was afraid to tell my mom. After dwelling on it and feeling like it was the biggest, most horrible secret in the world…. I left them for her on the stairs, soles facing up, so she could stumble upon them herself. It worked.

    I really enjoyed your wet pencil story, and the 911 curiosity. My oldest called 911 once, and then hid the phone in the toybox. I still remember how she acted all surprised when they came to the door. good times.

    I love, love this story. One of my favorites ever. I wish it was a book I could read to my kids. I think they would really love it too. 😉

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    1. I love your strategy for confessing things! Haha! Truthfully, I don’t remember how my confession went down – it’s possible that I just gave my mother sad, guilty faces until she took pity on me and asked me directly if I’d lied.

      Oh my goodness, I LOVE that I’m not the only kid who experimented with 911, as awful as that is. I laughed about your child hiding the phone in the toybox – such ingenuity. Kids are strange about evading punishment. I’m so glad that you liked the story so much 🙂

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      1. momsranting

        I think I need to learn how to use illustration to tell my story. It’s genius. I love you laying on the floor, dog licking your face, waiting for death. Um, is that weird??

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      2. I like the way it turned out, but it was surprisingly challenging to do on Paint! It’s probably just me though. I’m sure others have no problem with it.

        Ha! It’s not that weird – I figured the more pitiful I looked, the more humorous it’d be 😀

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  3. I loved your tale and your honesty. I was so naughty – flushed all my hats down the toilet, baptized the dog with the precious Lourdes holy water, broke the nose of the statue of Virgin Mary, cut all the hair of my dolls, made doll clothes out of my mum’s very expensive chiffon negligee… It goes on and on. I was so self-absorbed that I was always found out immediately. “)

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      1. Yes, you will. Women are far more plotting and it has to be genetic. Us men are not detail oriented enough to pull off things. We forget details to easy and want to expand the story. The death of the cover up details

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      2. See I thought so. Keep details to a minimum! Don’t smile or look for affirmation. 😀. I’m on vacation next week would you be up to a guest post. No topic is unsafe! It’s called coloring outside the lines! If so I’ll send an invite. I’m gone for a week and a half, so a new audience for you and more time in Sun for me. You will also get a three day three quite challenge thing tomorrow either way. You can do it if you wish as well. I think you need a bigger audience. 😉

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      3. I’ll send an invite today. I’m on vacation next week. Just accept the invite. Write your post. Anything you wish. Tag it with your blog title and link. Any images you want send to If you have more than one send them two at a time a put something like (picture 1) where it should be seen. I can find something on if you wish image but lack one. Thanks

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  4. That’s hilarious. I LOVE the cartoons. You should do more of those 🙂

    My daughter also called 911 once, but she was two. The cops just showed up and scared the crap out of us and no one understood what was going on until we figured out she hit the emergency call button on my cell phone.

    Turns out, they get a call like that about once a month from toddlers, so the police were understanding. We were mortified.

    But our daughter was lucky. She was two and therefore had complete immunity. You had a better idea about the seriousness of your mistake and I can totally see a kid torturing herself over it!

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    1. Thank you! I enjoyed making the pictures, but I wasn’t sure how they’d be received, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed them 🙂.

      I didn’t even think about how easy it’d be nowadays for a kid to accidentally dial 911! I feel bad that the police have to respond to calls like that, though I’m glad they continue to keep doing it. Your kiddo is lucky that she was spared any embarrassment. (Then again, I could have prevented my own embarrassment by not making the call in the first place haha.)

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      1. It didn’t occur to me until it happened either! Ah, embarrassing parenting lessons.

        I thought your drawings were great 🙂

        And at least you eventually told the truth. When I was about 7, I knocked a lamp over in my room and took my time about picking it up. When I did, I saw it had burnt a giant hole in the rug 😳

        I awkwardly moved furniture over that hole in the middle of the room for the next decade, covering it up. So I don’t know if I would’ve fessed up like you did 🙂

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  6. Oh my gosh! How did I miss this post?!

    First of all… I played in my closet, too. It’s actually a favorite memory, but I feel too weird to confess it. But this is just the Internet, so this is just between my computer and me.
    Um, and then in grad school when I simply could NOT write my research papers and the clock was a’tickin’, I’d finally shut myself in the (walk-in) closet and actually get my work done. What is wrong with me?!

    Secondly, I laughed my way through the whole story. From “Handsome Ass Bear” (that’s how I refer to my bunny, only she’s gorgeous), down to “That’s how the terrorists win.


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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story of my hooligan-ness! I take it you refer to your bunny as “Gorgeous Ass Bunny?” Haha.

      After I posted this story, the same friend (whose number included 911) told me that she still has fond memories of us playing in my closet. That was interesting to me, because I don’t remember forcing other kids to play in there with me, but apparently I did! At least she found it fun, so you and I aren’t alone. And I think it’s GENIUS that you wrote papers in there – wish I’d thought of that myself!


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