Everyday Inspiration: Wrapping it Up

For the last twenty days, I’ve been enrolled in a Blogging U. course called “Everyday Inspiration.” For this course, WordPress emails participants a daily prompt/idea to help us find new ways of thinking and writing – or, to help us “get our creative cheeses melting,” if you will.

Today’s twentieth and final assignment was this: to “wrap up” the previous 20 days of prompts, and discuss what I’ve learned and/or plan for future blogging tomfoolery.


Note #1: Is it just me, or does “wrap it up” sound like a bad condom slogan?

Note #2: Too bad the assignment wasn’t to “RAP it up” because it might’ve been fun to summarize this course by constructing a rap song. Missed opportunity, WordPress. Maybe next time.

Wrapping up previous posts

I’ve been a busy bee in the last 20 days! Or I would be, if bees were into writing. I’ve discussed the setting and supplies I use to help me blog, I’ve written a letter to myself from the perspective of my computer, and I’ve experimented with a new format by writing a post entirely on Paint.

Perhaps most shockingly, I also put on my serious hat long enough to write a poem about secrets.


What I liked a lot

It was helpful to not only receive a variety of prompts, but to also receive suggestions for how to get started. After all, it’s one thing to want to try something new, but it’s a whole other thing to come up with the something new.

What I liked a little less

1.Quite a few of the prompts had a kind of been-there-done-that feel to them. There were really only a few that really made me go, “Huh. Never thought about doing that before!”

2.Initially, I told myself that I was going to write something for every single prompt, even if I didn’t end up posting it on my blog. I figured the daily consistency would be helpful for me.

However, I was reminded yet again that blogging is genuinely a lot of work. It’s work I enjoy (most of the time), but it’s still work. And sometimes, when I get home from my actual job, I just want to…UN-work. I want to read, or have a glass of wine, or put on a cow suit and moo at the neighbors, or watch a little TV.

Obviously, the daily prompt aspect of this course was clear up front, so this is in no way a criticism of the course itself, just of what it felt like to be involved in it. After a few days, I improved this feeling by writing down all of the prompts to give me inspiration for the future, but only responding to a prompt if I felt truly inspired or energized by it.

As I continue blogging, I plan to…

Keep things interesting! I hope to keep experimenting with different formats, ideas, and topics. It’s more fun for me to write that way, and hopefully more fun for my readers to read that way!

For my fellow bloggers and writers, have you participated in any Blogging U. courses, or other writing classes? If you’re feeling stuck, how or where do you gain new inspiration for posts?



12 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration: Wrapping it Up

  1. momsranting

    1. I think “wrap it up” is a GREAT condom slogan! I would love to see it on a billboard soon!
    2. I never took a course like this…. do you suggest it??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I’ll get right on selling my idea to the condom brands 😉

      I really do recommend it, if you have the time and energy for extra writing. Even though I felt uninspired by some of the prompts, you might have a completely different take on them! All in all, I think the course was helpful.


    1. I’ve never written a rap before! I’ve rapped along with the radio, and I enjoyed people’s reactions, because I look like the last person on the planet you’d expect to see rapping. 😀 But writing one would be a lot harder!


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