I’ve Returned from the Beyond


After a week-long trip to South Carolina to visit my family, I’m finally back! I haven’t posted anything in over a week, which is the longest I’ve gone since I started this blog in October.

I was starting to experience blogging-related withdrawals. It wasn’t pretty.

I’ll have a couple of stories to post later in the week about my trip, but I wanted to go ahead and let y’all know that I’m back and I missed you so much! Every single one of you. Except for those of you who hate things like blueberry poptarts and cheese. What’s wrong with you, anyway? Why do you hate fun?

Oh, and P.S. – Last week, I entered Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s 6-word story contest and came in 2nd place! Woo hoo! If you haven’t heard about Nicola’s blog and/or her contest, go check it out! She runs this contest each week, with a new theme/prompt posted on Saturday mornings. Everyone (even if you don’t participate in the contest) can vote on their favorites. Last week’s theme was “insult,” and this was my entry:

 “This dinner you made is…interesting.”

 I’d like to thank my friend’s well-meaning-but-super-condescending mother-in-law for the inspiration behind this entry.

P.S. #2 – I came home from vacation to discover that my Directv satellite is out. It’s going to take a week for a technician to come look at it, and I’ll apparently have to pay him $50 for the visit. I feel like this is the universe’s way of saying I should get  rid of the satellite all together and make the move to Netflix.

That’s right. The galaxies, stars, planets, and moons all aligned in such a way as to tell me that I should find a new method of digital entertainment.

So, all of you Netflix-seasoned people out there, what are your favorite shows and movies? What would you recommend for me to watch? My favorites so far (after mooching off my friend’s account) are Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, IT Crowd, and Arrested Development, but I’m open to any suggestions – comedies, dramas, documentaries, etc.

18 thoughts on “I’ve Returned from the Beyond

  1. Ooh! I wish this had a follow button like on Facebook should I could see the other Netflix recommendations? Mine are: Firefly, Friends, When Calls The Heart, Becoming Jane, Meet Joe Black, Paradise, Atonement, Friday Night Lights, Sherlock, Immigrant, Lie to Me, Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. And awesome micro-story!

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    1. I’m totally with you on Friends! Forgot that it’s on Netflix…now I won’t have to whip out my DVD collection if I want to watch it! 🙂 Atonement is an excellent, excellent movie, too.

      The rest of these I’ll definitely have to check out. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

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  2. Congratulations on your Six Word Story win! It was an awesome entry, even funnier with hints of the backstory.

    Glad you’re back.

    As far as recs go… since you liked the IT Crowd and Friends, have you watched Coupling?

    While we’re talking British TV, maybe you’d like Doc Martin. It’s a quirky dramedy about a big city doctor with people issues moving out to practice in a little fishing town.

    Sherlock is also great. It’s a neat modern adaptation. Maybe Luther too. But I don’t know if you like crime/mystery shows. If so, there’s obviously Breaking Bad.

    And Mad Men, if you haven’t already seen it.

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  3. Welcome back and Congrats on the story! I liked it. 🙂


    Orange is the New Black. Is must see. Season 3 gets a little weary but stick with it because season 4 is awesome!

    Sons of Anarchy

    Breaking Bad

    Grace and Frankie

    Gilmore Girls

    The L Word


    Friends is on there of course!

    There are so many good shows to choose from.


    1. Yes, so much yes! I ended up getting Netflix, and OITNB was the first thing I searched for! I just finished the first season and love it. Thanks for the tip about sticking through the 3rd season even if it’s somewhat dull!

      I also have G & F on my list, but haven’t watched it yet! Your other suggestions are excellent too.

      If you like Scandal, have you seen How to Get Away with Murder? It’s from the same writer/producer, AND Matt McGorry from OITNB (who I love a little bit) is on it too!


      1. i am interested in How to get away with murder but it will have to wait. Big Brother starts tonight and the live feeds kick in tomorrow. I will be glued to my computer for the rest of the Summer! 😉

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