Grocery Bag Confessions

Have you ever been on Postsecret? The website is a bit amazing. People make and submit anonymous postcards divulging their most personal secrets and confessions. Some of the “baggage” is heavy and sad, like those big travel trunks, or giant suitcases. Other secrets on the website are more lighthearted, like….grocery bags.


That was a rough metaphor, but you get what I’m saying. Hopefully.

You know what? Just go take a quick look at the site to get a better idea of the immense awesomeness of it. I’ll be here when you get back. I probably will have eaten all of the chocolate, though. Sorry about that.

For today’s post, I thought it’d be interesting to make a few secretive postcards of my own. But not of the dark stuff! Heavens to Betsy, no. Although I’m often struck by the pluck (heehee that rhymes) of the people who submit to Postsecret, I’m personally a bit of a chicken, so I’ll just stick with my more lighthearted secrets.

Or, my grocery bag confessions, if you will:






Anybody else guilty of these secrets? (Except for the Christmas tree one – I’m assuming I’m alone on that one.) What lighthearted confessions are you willing to make?


19 thoughts on “Grocery Bag Confessions

  1. I’ve gotten lost in my own neighborhood. I’ve never shaved my legs in the living room so I could watch TV but I have removed my nail polish there for that same reason. I’m a terrible cook so rice is out along with mostly everything else. I once accidentally stole a pair of designer sunglasses. But a fork in the car…sorry…that’s just weird! (ha, ha!)

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      1. Well I was just browsing around the store and forgot they were in my hands actually. I think the alarm actually sounded but I was so nonchalant (since I didn’t even realize I had them) that no one noticed. And neither did I…until I got home.

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      2. Oops, I’ve done that with a tube of mascara too. It ended up underneath some other items, and I totally forgot about it until I was loading things in the car. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s done things like this! Our faces are probably on an FBI list somewhere…


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