My American Week

I had a bunch of little stories (or storylettes, if you will) from this week, but none of them were interesting enough or detailed enough to deserve their own individual posts, so I decided to combine them all into one big one.

It’s a smorgasbord of hilarity.

By happy accident, my storylettes started to develop an oddly “American Way” theme to them. In honor of Independence Day (not the Will Smith movie, but the holiday), I decided to continue that theme with pride.

Love of Television

This past week, I had a case of the “blahs.” You know what I’m talking about. The “blahs” are when you feel bored and unmotivated to do much else other than sitting at home, pantsless. Rather than fighting or denying that blah feeling, I fully embraced it by watching A LOT of television every day after work.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about TV-watching. But you can’t tell anyone, because the FBI will probably show up and revoke my U.S. citizenship for criticizing this great American pastime.

The secret is that I re-remembered for the zillionth time that it doesn’t make me feel better to come home from work and stare at the TV for 5 hours until I go to bed.

Hold on, I just heard a noise. Gonna go check to see if any agents are hiding in my bushes.

I’m back. It was just a squirrel.

I don’t think TV is evil, but for me, it needs to be balanced with other activities, such as reading, a little exercise, some more reading, and maybe even some sunset-appreciating.

Taken just outside Austin, TX

Adding a little balance just makes me feel better about my world.


I ate a dinner of biscuits the other night. Not biscuits with eggs, nor biscuits with fried chicken. Just biscuits.

This one was surprisingly upbeat after being forced from its tin home and baked in a 400-degree oven:

Look at that smirk. Bastard knows he’s good looking.

I’m not sure what this section has to do with America, aside from the fact that I just wanted to share it. I guess this biscuit, like Americans, is pretty friendly. There. I justified it!

Hot Dogs

Over the weekend, I went on a little road trip with Cheese Friend to drop her children off at their grandfather’s. Supportive of our inspirational queso project, Cheese Friend’s dad (hereby known as Cheese Dad) offered to make us a pot of the cheesy, spicy substance.  We tried to turn him down, but Cheese Dad insisted, so we gave in. Also, we didn’t really turn him down in the first place.

Cheese Dad kindly dictated his recipe to me so that I could share it with my fellow dairy lovers. Fair warning: simply reading this recipe might cause your arteries to instantly harden.


Somehow, a few hot dogs accidentally fell into a pot of boiling water, and then made their way onto bun-shaped life preserves, where they were soothed with a smattering of chili. And then this happened:

Hot dogs with chili and queso. If you’re keeping count, this meal contained 3 different kinds of meat. ‘Merica


I encouraged my best friend to act like a nationalistic fool while she’s visiting Ireland. This is how I show my loyalty and love to my country.


Dehydrated animals = Heaven

On our trip back from Cheese Dad’s, Amanda and I stopped at a store called Venison World, where we stocked up on treats like deer jerky and chocolate-covered almonds. If that isn’t already USA enough, this store exists in a town called Eden.

A meat-themed store in a town named after paradise? Why, it just don’t get any more ‘Merica than that.

…Unless a bald eagle had swooped down and stolen the jerky right out of my hands. And then carried it off to a nest of baby eagles being guarded by a camo-wearing eagle holding a shotgun.


So! How were your 4th of July celebrations? Are you going to give me up to the FBI for mildly criticizing America’s favorite technological pastime? Perhaps most importantly, how do you feel about smiling biscuits?

26 thoughts on “My American Week

      1. You could do it today! In fact, I think you should. Think about how sad July 5th must feel, to have to follow the fun and festivities of the 4th. No one cares about the 5th ☹️. By eating queso-y hot dogs today, you’d be making July 5th feel better, AND it’d taste delicious for you. It’s a win-win.


      2. July 5th makes me bitter that it isn’t a day off, what with the holiday happening late into the night and people needing a little sleep to overcome their nights. Coicidentally, my brother’s birthday in on the 5th, and I could just use the queso-y hot dogs to celebrate his birthday.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Agreed. I think I need a full week off in order to truly celebrate the wonder that is America.

        Your brother’s birthday is the perfect excuse to have cheesy chili dogs! That way, you seem like a generous sibling, as opposed to a greedy cheese monger.


      1. Even my 2 1/2 year old grand-daughter knows to demand queso with her chips! Guess we start early around here. I’ve also had only biscuits for a meal before. If I don’t have gravy, I sop them in sorghum molasses!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it that much! From now on, my goal will be to make more readers pee – lol!

      I second-guessed that last paragraph at first because I thought it might annoy people that I used the word “eagle” so many times, but damn it, we’re proud of our eagles here!


  1. meanderingmav

    How can you call yourself a true ‘Merican? That smiling biscuit should have been swimming in the deep side of a bowl of country gravy, and not once did you mention anyone (I’m thinking the gun totin’ bald eagle) holding a can of PBR.

    Other than those two minor criticisms, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve read (had read to me) in a long time. Great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The biscuit-only dinner came about mostly because I was too lazy to make anything else – including gravy haha. And as we know, laziness is a truly ‘Merican trait!

      I totally did forget some excellent cultural references, including PBR. There probably should have been an explosion somewhere too – maybe Venison World blows up after the eagle flies off? Or is that taking it too far?

      Glad you enjoyed my craziness, Steve! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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