The Angel of Pancakes


Months ago, I did a queso review of Kerbey Lane Café in Austin, Texas. Kerbey is a bit of an institution in this area –  nowhere else can you eat queso-covered eggs, follow them with a fried-chicken-and-pancake combo, and then wash it all down with a $2 mimosa. For the lazy and hungover hermits of the world who can’t be bothered to put on pants and go out for their food, Kerbey even sells their very own pancake mix in local grocery stores.

To my eccentric glee, the restaurant recently challenged Austin-area bloggers to create an original recipe using the beloved Kerbey pancake mix. The recipe could be savory or sweet, pancake or non-pancake, as long as it contained any flavor of their mixes.

As you can probably guess, I’ve been a pancake-making monster over the past few weeks. Well, let’s face it. Someone who spends a lot of time making piles of pancakes is no monster. I’m a pancake-making SAINT.

A breakfast food humanitarian.

I’ve come up with different concoctions by flinging random ingredients into the batter and taste-testing it until it seemed remotely edible. Then, I’ve carefully poured the batter onto a hot skillet, or shoved it into a hot oven, and left it there until it successfully bloomed into something else. I’ve even taken careful notes of the way the results looked and tasted and smelled, so that I could more efficiently alter the recipes for improvement.

Forget sainthood, I was like a pancake-making mad scientist.

Take a look at the chemical combinations I created in the lab over the course of a month:

I attempted to de-sweetify the pancakes by adding savory ingredients…


I created a s’more-like dessert using a blondie, marshmallow, and chocolate icing (and instantly developed diabetes after one bite)…


Then, I made a peanut butter bar topped with, once again, chocolate icing. Simply looking at this one will give you 8.5 cavities…


Taking a break from the sweets, I made some cheesy, garlicky biscuits that had the look and texture of cheesy, garlicky dryer lint…

As Monica Geller’s mom would say – It did not taste good.

All in all, I probably made around 10 different creations before finally hitting the FLAPJACK JACKPOT. Say that five times fast.

I’ve submitted the recipes and photos for these three beauties:

Caramel-pecan pancakes topped with…well…chocolate icing again. Stick with what you know, ya know?


Grilled ham-and-cheese pancake-for-bread sandwich, which has a terrible name, but tastes similar to a Monte Cristo sandwich. A beautiful marriage of sweet and savory.


Peanut Butter Bars, now sans chocolate icing…


The winner will receive a $250 gift card to Kerbey Lane Café. I tried to tell myself that I was doing this contest for the simple fun of it, and to not get my hopes up, but then my queso-and-mimosa-loving little heart collided with my irrational competitive streak, and now I really want to win.

Cross your fingers for me! And also maybe your legs. You know what? Just go ahead and cross all of your body parts for me, including your eyes and lungs and toe nails. I need all the luck I can get!

Have you ever participated in a cooking contest before? How did it go? If you were doing this pancake contest, what kinds of recipes and combinations would you have tried?

22 thoughts on “The Angel of Pancakes

    1. Haha, I can always count on you to catch my Friends quotes!! The PB bars didn’t look super attractive to me, so I kept wanting to add in other things to improve them (and by other things, I mean chocolate). But once I left them alone, they were way better!

      Thanks for “crossing” yourself for me! 😊

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  1. These all look amazing – forget breakfast, I’m having pancake-based food for all my meals from now on. There is literally no downside. Just to be healthy though, I might switch the mimosa to a beer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, no downside at all! We all know pancakes are a super nutritious food. You must be a total health nut to pass up a mimosa for a beer 😉. After all this pancake-making, I can’t stop thinking about them! I eat at restaurants and think, “hmm, maybe I could make enchiladas out of pancakes…” Haha

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  2. I know what’s going on here. You’re hoping restaurants will start feeding you free queso and pancake meals, hoping for blog reviews.

    That’s genius.

    As is adding all of those savory ingredients to pancakes. Years ago, my grandfather (who grew up in Texas) put a bunch of hash browns and back into some Bisquick and fried it into pancakes. My cousin and I found them and started chowing down. My grandfather walked by and said, “It does my heart good to see you two eating that sh*t.”

    I’m sad the garlicky biscuits didn’t turn out, because they sound good and look tasty in the photo. All the photos look nice, actually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you totally figured me out! I’m mostly doing it for the weird fun of it all (and the cheese), but I won’t deny that it would make my year (or life) if restaurants started offering me free stuff.

      That hash-brown-pancake hybrid sounds so good! I thought I’d be a little relieved to finish this pancake project, but I just keep getting more ideas. That one might have to be next. And thanks for the compliment about the photos. I had to have nice-looking ones to submit, so I paid more attention to the lighting & angles than I usually do. Needless to say, there are lotsss of pictures of pancakes in my phone 🙂


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