Ten Truths Behind the Lie

If you were to call or text me on a Sunday morning and ask what I’m up to, the answer would probably be, “Oh, not much.” Or, “Just watching TV.” But that response would usually be a lie.


I’m often doing something somewhat more riveting, but I fear that the truth would frighten you away, so I give a generic and bland response.  The downside of answering this way is that you might think I’m dull and uneventful, but at least you don’t question my mental stability. I call that a win.

In the interest of being more honest, I will now come clean to you all about my Sunday morning lie. If I were to answer your question about my activities more truthfully, my response could look like any one of these:

  1. “Eating cinnamon toast in my underwear.”
  1. “Lying in bed, looking at Twitter, and making eagle noises.”
  1. “Trying to get pancake syrup out of my pajama top.”
  1. “Singing ‘She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain’ with a gravelly, Louis-Armstrong-like warble.”
  1. “Facebook-stalking myself. I’m really quite fascinating.”
  1. “Meowing to the tune of the ‘The Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy.’”
  1. “Reading a book in a British accent.”
  1. “Making up a song about chickens.”
  1. “Watching a Youtube video of a golden retriever playing the drums. He’s better on the cow bell.”
  1. “Trying to get pancake syrup out of my sock. Don’t ask.”

You may have noticed that most of my Sunday morning festivities involve either food, or making some sort of obnoxious sound. That observation is completely accurate. Pigging out and being annoying are two of the many perks of living alone.

Anyway, if I were to text YOU on a Sunday morning and ask what you were up to, what kind of reply would I get? Do you spend time with family? Go on an early-morning jog? Eat foods drenched in syrup?

29 thoughts on “Ten Truths Behind the Lie

  1. momsranting

    Hmmm. Sundays are now swimming lesson days, followed by washing the floor on my hands and knees. Before all of that I make an attempt at a hot breakfast but today was lucky charms and scrambled eggs, half hot I guess. This Sunday-today-was also the day I tried to introduce the awesomeness of “kids in the hall” to my oldest….. and the day I managed to drain the battery on my phone as I sat on the kitchen floor, ignoring the little ones as I watched kids in the hall all alone… 😦

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  2. I don’t know, I do this kind of crap around my kids all the time and they seem to find it perfectly reasonable. In fact, I’m thinking your cat cover of Sugar Plum Fairy is a great idea. We meow songs around here too… lately, it’s been “99 Luftballonen” and stuff from Blondie.

    I’m guessing this will change once they grow out of toddlerdom and start being mortified 🙂

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    1. See, this kind of comment makes me tempted to have kids just so I can have an army of little minions who totally approve of my strange singing! Meowing instead of singing the lyrics just adds that extra bit of pizzazz. Maybe your kiddos won’t outgrow it just yet – my friend’s daughter is happy to meow along with me, and she’s 11, so there’s hope!

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      1. That gives me hope, since I’ve been figuring my girls would grow out of being silly with me.

        I don’t know though… I’m pretty silly with my kids, sillier than lots of other moms. I always figured I’d turn into someone *serious* when i became a parent, but I stayed kind of ridiculous

        Parenting is what you make it, I think. Maybe I just got lucky with whimsical kids, but I think you can keep on being silly and your toddlers will totally *get you*

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      2. Now that I think about it, my mom was always kinda silly while I was growing up. I’m sure I was less amused by it when I was 15 and had friends over, but I don’t remember ever being truly embarrassed by it. Even now that I’m an adult, we can still be goofy together and I like that. I’m sure you’re “serious” when the situation requires it!

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      3. Of course. But life is too short to be miserable… I think the world could use more silliness 🙂

        I’m glad to hear you were never truly embarrassed! I’m hoping my kids stay ridiculous.

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