Winner Winner – TWO Chicken Dinners

One of the best things about living alone is that you can eat whatever you want, and however much you want, and in whatever clothes you want, without someone else around to ruin the ambiance with their disapproving looks. As a side note, this is also a downside of living alone.

I’ve recently started on an eating plan (not to be confused with a weight loss plan) where I eat multiple dinners a night. Lots of people swear by eating 5-6 small meals or snacks a day – but this isn’t what I’ve been doing. I eat a normal-sized breakfast at 8, a normal-sized lunch at 12, and then TWO normal-sized dinners in the evening. Sometimes the dinners happen back to back, and sometimes they’re more spread out. I suppose it’s not so much an eating “plan” as it is an eating happening.

And I’m not going to lie, I’ve been enjoying it.

It started out innocently enough. One day, I ate breakfast really late in the morning, so I skipped lunch, and then found myself starving at 4:00. I decided to go ahead and eat an early dinner like the elderly person I am. Three and a half hours later, I was hungry again, and helped myself to another meal. It didn’t seem all that unreasonable.

The next day,  I ate on a more regular schedule, but when dinnertime came around, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted taco salad or nachos – so I ate both.


Another day, I ate a chicken sandwich before I was due to babysit my friend’s daughter, because I wasn’t sure if she would’ve already eaten or not. When I got there, I learned she hadn’t eaten, and  she requested leftover pizza. So I ate some with her. It was the polite thing to do.

I realized days ago that I was headed down a problematic path, but I seem powerless to stop it.

At least twice, I’ve had a reasonably nutritious dinner cooking on my stove, and am suddenly overcome with a wave of hunger so powerful, that I’m convinced I will faint away from fatigue before my meal will finish cooking. If that happened, I’d probably knock the pan over on my way down, causing the lava-hot food to scald me and then fuse permanently to my skin. It happens. Probably. The paramedics would arrive to find me unconscious and pantsless, with bits of food stuck to my face and arms. It’d be traumatizing for them.

In order to avoid that whole scenario, I thought it best to curb my ravenous hunger by eating something else while Dinner #2 finished cooking. And that’s how I found myself eating Dinner #1 while hunched over the sink like a guilty rodent.


Look, the US Constitution says nothing about how many dinners a person can have, or how healthy they have to be. I will exercise my American right to take advantage of that loophole! Plus, let’s face it, if this were all happening closer to the holiday season, my overeating would practically be fashionable. It’d be RESPECTED. But no, it’s early October, so gorging myself on fatty foods is suddenly “unhealthy” and “concerning.”

You know that cliché that says that the first step to making a change is to admit you have a problem? Well, they’re wrong. I admitted early on that eating two dinners is not normal or necessary, and yet, nothing changed.

As it turns out, the true first step toward change comes with the realization that your clothes suddenly fit more snugly. Step #2 is waking up one morning to discover that you feel ill and gross and walrus-like. I’m ready for change, but I’m unclear how to go about it. My plan right now is to spend a couple of weeks on a desert island, where my meals will consist mainly of coconuts and raw monkey. I clearly won’t want two dinners there.

Anyway, I shall miss you all. Send tacos. ❤

Has anyone else ever found themselves eating multiple meals like this, or perhaps indulging much more often than you normally do? What made you realize you needed to change? What did you do to help yourself get back on track?

16 thoughts on “Winner Winner – TWO Chicken Dinners

  1. According to Taco Bell there is such a thing as “fourth meal” and my husband eats it pretty much every night. Inevitably, sometime during the night, between, oh… 10pm – 1am… while watching tv, I’m typing away on my laptop and he’s beside me eating.

    This is problematic for several reasons… (1) he is in lousy shape which is his thing, not mine, but then he kind of complains about it and it becomes my thing… (2) if he brings out something that tempts me (mind out of gutter…), I then want to eat it, too (mind out of gutter)… (3) he keeps unhealthy food around for the purpose of this ‘fourth meal’, but my kids see it and want it and I’m trying to teach them to eat healthy — much easier to learn as a kid than to re-train as an adult… (4) said husband never listens to me when I suggest alternative foods (which are healthier but not, like, carrots and rice cakes either) and that is really frustrating especially when #1…

    Admitting you have a problem is the first step to nothing! Most people know what their problems are… but that doesn’t get them any closer to solving them. Believe me… I know this.

    I also think “many small meals” doesn’t work. Inevitably, those meals turn out to not be so small, and before you know it, you’re eating more than you were in the first place…!

    I could say more on this topic… but I won’t post it here for various reasons… one being that I would write a comment as long as your post… but if you want to hear (read) it… I can email you… 🙂

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    1. Oh man, it must be really hard when one spouse has a totally different lifestyle & eating/exercise routine than the other person! It sounds like you do everything you can to try to help though, at least when it comes to suggesting healthier options. The good thing is, I normally eat pretty reasonably, so I have the “foundation” laid already, it’s just been a little tough to break me of my new bad habit. It actually sort of helps that I woke up feeling crappy today, because I haven’t really wanted to eat anything (except I do still want cinnamon bread haha).

      And I agree, the multiple small meals thing doesn’t work, at least not for me. It seemed appealing at first, but it meant thinking about food literally all day long, which doesn’t help. And depending on your schedule, it’s sometimes hard to even fit that many meals in.

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      1. Oh yeah, I forgot that part — all those small meals does make you think about food all day… of course you’ll overeat!

        I am not perfect… and I just had some dark chocolate. But my husband has gotten worse over the years… and I hate when he doesn’t listen to me. Because I’m always right. He should know that by now. 🙂

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      2. Chocolate or sweets in general is usually the hardest for me to resist. I can eat frightening amounts of it (especially dark!) and not have any consequences from it, so I never learn my lesson. I just can’t keep it in my house most of the time haha.

        How can he not realize after all this time that you’re a genius and always right? Maybe there’s still hope – he could still figure it out!

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      3. No consequences, like you don’t get sick? Or you don’t gain weight from it? I don’t get sick from overindulging in anything except deep fried food… which is a good thing. My dessert things are, like, cake, pie, donuts, any sort of pastry, really. And one particular flavor of Talenti gelato… which I always eat in one sitting, no matter how hard I try not to.

        I do have to remind him often that I’m always right. Maybe someday he’ll finally get it…


      4. I never get sick from it! Nothing so much as a little tummy ache. I too have a powerful love for pastries and baked goods. And Ben & Jerry’s. And Nutella, but I officially have zero willpower over it, so I don’t let myself buy it. Ever. Ahhh, just so many delicious things in the world…

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      5. I know… Why the hell did they invent all these things that we now have to work to resist? I could eat a whole cheesecake… and I wouldn’t be sick at all. I have never actually eaten a whole cheesecake, but I know this to be true. I did eat half once. And I was pregnant… so if I was going to get sick, that would have been the time… Hahahaa

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      6. Right?! I mean, I certainly wouldn’t want all of these things to just disappear off the planet, not now that I know about them. But still. They should’ve thought about his beforehand. I’m actually not a fan of cheesecake (crazy, I know), but there’ve been so many instances of me eating a lot of dessert that I can’t even remember anything specific! I will probably be terrifying as a pregnant lady haha

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      7. At least you both agree on the IDEA of dessert, even if you have different favorites. But these people who just aren’t fans of sweets at all? That relationship would never work!

        Also, I know I’m super unpopular for saying this, but I really don’t get the fall craze of pumpkin everything. I like the bread as much as the next guy, but everything else just goes so overboard. And yeah, pumpkin pie is a no-go for me. 😝

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    1. Fortunately, I usually am too! That’s probably hard to believe, given all my queso jaunts, but most days I eat roughly the same things. I’m normally pretty reasonable. But I admit to having an abnormal relationship with food at times (especially when I’m stressed), so this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten off track. I’ll get back eventually.


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