About Me

I’m Amanda.

I love writing, I love making people laugh, and I have high (but possibly misguided) hopes that I can combine the two together in the form of this blog. It will be a combination of lighthearted stories, honest introspection, and criticisms of chips and queso (more about that in The Reason for the Cheesin’).

What else is important to know about me? I’m a licensed counselor, I’m 27, and I live in central Texas. I took up crocheting a year ago, but I can only make beginner or advanced projects – intermediate ones, oddly, are beyond my comprehension. I once tried to teach myself French, and it didn’t go well. I’m a good speller. I love chocolate.

I think that’s it for now – the rest you’ll just have to pick up from the blog  : )

You can also follow me on Twitter! @JustInQueso88

20 thoughts on “About Me

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