Queso Critique: Super Taco

Super Taco – Marble Falls, TX

It’s official. All of the decadent, delicious quesos that Amanda and I have tried over the past few months have spoiled us, possibly beyond repair. I say this because our most recent queso, which I would have thoroughly enjoyed a year ago, left me a bit disappointed.

Super Taco is housed in an orange adobe building attached to a gas station. We are in the camp of people who do not need fancy digs in order to enjoy a meal – sometimes, the more ramshackle a place looks, the better! We also thought it was a promising sign that the restaurant was packed when we arrived.

Clearly, the locals approve of this gas station excellence.

The inside was fun and colorful, painted with different shades of yellow and orange – possibly to match the beautiful colors of tortilla chips and cheese. It actually felt a bit like we were sitting in a giant bowl of queso – which I did not consider a bad thing.

The downside to the restaurant being packed is that we had to wait pretty long to get our food. By the time it finally arrived, we didn’t have much time to eat.

I’ll keep this review short and sweet salty. The queso had a nice cheese flavor, but the consistency was a bit thinner than we like, and there was absolutely no spice.

This is what I mean when I say that other dishes have spoiled us – in the past, I likely would have found Super Taco’s queso to be quite tasty and easily scarfed it down. But now that I know what a queso CAN be – deliciously creamy and spicy, and chock-full of meat and other ingredients – I find myself a bit let down by a more lackluster version.

We gave this dish a ho-hum score of 5 out of 10 (Revised score: 1). As established in a previous review , a 5 is adequate enough to keep eating, but really nothing special.

On a side note, Super Taco is worth visiting for the tacos. Those things are both monstrous and amazingly cheap. And yummy, of course. If you want to eat something larger than your own head without breaking the bank, this is the place for you.


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Queso Critique: R Bar & Grill

R Bar & Grill (Marble Falls)

We were ready to rate another Marble Falls queso, and this time, we headed to a little bar downtown. The R Bar & Grill is very laid-back and pet-friendly – the kind of place where you can easily kill a couple hours drinking, snacking, and chatting. A hand weight had savagely attacked Amanda’s foot and fractured her toe earlier in the week, so we got her foot propped up in an extra chair and set about getting our sedatives queso ordered.

The queso arrived looking attractively cheesy, but in a disappointingly small container. (Let’s just say, Amanda and I can put away a concerning and unhealthy amount of melted cheese.) We plopped our chips in and got to crunching. The flavor had a nice mix of cheesiness and spice, and initially had a very smooth consistency; unfortunately, after several minutes of dipping, the texture hardened, and several chips were broken in the process.

We gave the R Bar & Grill’s queso a respectable 6 (revised: 2), BUT we should point out that we enjoyed the queso enough to order some tacos which, coincidentally, also came with queso on them. (I know – we have a problem.)


R Bar & Grill’s website


Queso Critique: River City Grille

River City Grille (Marble Falls)

For our third queso destination, Amanda and I decided to branch out of Austin a bit, and headed to the River City Grille in Marble Falls. The restaurant has an outdoor deck overlooking the Colorado River/Lake LBJ/Lake Marble Falls (not entirely sure what body of water it is – everybody seems to call it something else). You can relax outside and enjoy the view whilst sipping a lemon drop martini. It’s very pleasant.

Also, eating or drinking outdoors is pretty much the only “nature” time either of us gets.

When the waiter asked if we wanted the “small or the large queso,” we made loud, unladylike chuckles and suggested he bring the largest vessel he could find.  We liked the idea of coming to this restaurant so often, that the moment we walk inside, the host quickly staggers over carrying a veritable bucket of melted cheese. It seemed like a worthwhile goal.

Our Green Chile Queso arrived, and we were pleased to notice that when we merrily dunked our chips in, the queso clung on to them for dear life. Once again, we tried several bites before handing down a rating. There was a bit of deliberation, but we settled on a respectable score of 7 (Revised: 2.7).

The queso was cheesy, it was creamy, and the green chilies gave it a really nice flavor. But we didn’t have the same WOW reaction we’d had at Kerbey Lane, and the consistency was just a tad too thick, which kept us from giving this one a higher score. However, a 7 was totally enough to convince us to devour the whole bowl.