Quote Challenge – Day Two

Yesterday, I was nominated by Mark over at Coloring Outside the Lines to participate in a three-day quote challenge. Woo hoo!

Here are the rules for this challenge:

  • Post one of your favorite quotes(different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own.
  • Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you

My quote for Day One was uttered by the jolly Mr. Rogers himself, so it seemed fitting to follow that one with this quote:

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Who do you think came up with this one? Barney? Big Bird? Perhaps another member of the Rogers clan?

Actually, it was Plato.

Too bad he didn’t spell his name “Playto.” Heh heh, get it? I’ll show myself out.

I chose this quote for a couple of reasons. One – it is actually one of the driving principles behind my career. I am a child and adolescent counselor, and play is a big part of my work with kids. “What a fun job,” you might be thinking, “you just get to play with toys all day!” 

Well, yes and no.

Sure, sometimes play is fun, yes. But sometimes it’s sad, and heavy, and frequently, it’s really hard work. For both the kids and me. Play is the natural way that children make sense of the world and cope with confusing, difficult things…sitting a kid down in a chair and expecting them to rattle off their thoughts and feelings is just not developmentally appropriate.

I could easily go off on a tangent about the amazingness that is play therapy, but then you’d obviously get sucked in and be here awhile, and you’d end up missing the super-fun plans you probably already have, and then you’d be like, “damn it, cheese girl! I was supposed to sing karaoke tonight!” so I’ll stop here.

Reason #2 for choosing this quote: when I think about how adults spend time with close friends and family, I can absolutely see where play comes into the picture. Now, I’m not suggesting that you invite your friend over for the evening and whip out your Barbies.  Or maybe you do, I’m not here to judge. 

But just because adults have (probably) put down the dolls and toys, doesn’t mean we don’t play! Play can mean having a couple of drinks on the back porch with your best friend. It can mean shopping and getting your nails done with your mom. It can look like laughing with your older brother about something that happened 20 years ago.

There are lots of different ways that we play, and like “Playto” said – I think you can learn a lot about someone by the things they laugh about and enjoy doing. Probably not more than what you’d learn in a year of conversation, though. I hate to criticize Plato since he’s way fancier than I’ll ever be, but come on – an hour of play being more meaningful than a year of conversation? Slight exaggeration, buddy.



Award Nominations


Many thanks to Sandra G. over at Date by Number for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger and Infinity Dreams awards! It’s so nice to know that there are people who enjoy reading my blog 🙂


These nominations and challenges are fun to participate in, and I’m glad to have the chance to share some blogs I enjoy reading.

Here are the rules for these awards:

1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
2. Nominate 7-14 other bloggers for the award. Link to their blog and let them know!
3. If applicable: Answer your nominator’s questions and ask 7-11 questions to your own nominees.
4. If applicable: Share 7-11 facts about yourself.

Facts about me:

  1. I have a triangle-shaped birthmark on my face
  2. I don’t like dressing on my salads – with a notable exception of Olive Garden’s dressing.
  3. I taught myself how to crochet by watching Youtube videos
  4. I have a thing for blueberry poptarts
  5. I am a children’s counselor and work with kids and adolescents who have experienced domestic or sexual violence
  6. I have a goal to visit all 50 states in the U.S. (22 down so far!)
  7. I named my car Ellie, and it makes me strangely happy when friends and family refer to her by name.
  8. In my office at work, I have a desk drawer devoted to just chocolate. I call it “chocolate drawer.”

My nominees (who are under no obligation to participate):