Sins and Friends

Just a few days ago, my blog friend Erin made a very clever post that tied the seven deadly sins to American holidays. If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so, because it’s a fun read. And then come back! I’ll be waiting with snacks.

After Erin made her post, she suggested that I take the same topic and apply it to the Friends characters. I love the show, but what I love even more is when other people humor me for my love of the show! Brilliant of her, right?! I may only know Erin online, but she would totally be my friend in real life if we lived near each other. I mean, unless she didn’t want to be my friend, because it IS a little sketchy meeting people you only know from the internet. It’s smart of her to be cautious. For all she knows, I could be a 104-year-old bearded man.

In fact, it’s more fun that way. Assume from now on that I actually AM a 104-year-old bearded man. One who depicts himself as a young blonde woman. And who is in a committed relationship with cheese.

I decided to jump on Erin’s awesome idea before she could change her mind and use it herself. I set aside important work tasks, like any true Friends fan would do, and began brainstorming which sins would apply to which characters. It goes without saying that all of the characters have their strengths and high points (yes, even Ross), but of course, they have their vices as well. They make mistakes just like the rest of us, and some indulge more often in certain areas than in others.

Although there are seven sins, there are only six main characters, so I chose to add in a not-primary-but-still-often-seen character.

Character it most closely fits: Ross



  • He reacts with fury when he finds out that Monica and Chandler are sleeping together
  • He loses his temper at a guy who cuts in front of him (earning him the nickname “Red Ross”)
  • He becomes enraged about the unauthorized consumption of his beloved turkey sandwich.

Character it most closely fits: Chandler



  • He admits to never exercising, and is often teased for being physically weaker than everyone else
  • He spends entire days sitting in his recliner, eating snacks, and watching Baywatch

Character it most closely fits: Rachel


Yes, I know she left her orthodontist fiancé and rich dad in an attempt to make it on her own. Yes, I know she worked hard to become successful in her own right. Clearly, the woman’s got some pluck and courage. But you can’t deny that she also had some moments of greed.


  • Of all the Friends, she cares the most about expensive and trendy brands
  • She demands presents, and then winds up exchanging them for stuff she’d rather have
  • She encourages Monica to marry Pete for the sole purpose of having an extravagant wedding (complete with a “money salad”) – despite the fact that Monica barely knows the man and isn’t sure she wants to marry him

Character it most closely fits: Joey



  • Do I really need to provide my reasoning? Have you not watched the show?

Character it most closely fits: Phoebe


  • She refuses to sell “Smelly Cat” to the kitty litter commercial…and then that jingle bitch screwed her over.
  • These song lyrics, which she sings with great passion: “When I play, I play for me! I don’t need no charity!”
  • She doesn’t mention to anyone that she can’t ride a bike, despite receiving one as a present

Character it most closely fits: Monica



  • I know her issues with overeating are technically in the past, but nothing else really fits Monica, okay? Plus, there is that episode where she becomes addicted to Brown Bird cookies and her friends have to cut her off.

Character it most closely fits: Gunther



  • He was super jealous of Ross’ relationship with Rachel. That’s about it.


Of course, a few of these characters can fit in more than one category of sin. Joey in particular can be assigned to almost all of the sins! What do you think of my selections? Are there any ones that you would have done differently? What other examples can you think of to justify certain match-ups?

21 thoughts on “Sins and Friends

  1. This post is brilliant. I also went to the link and read Erin’s holiday one… also brilliant. Now I want to try! Of course, I’ll need a theme. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, of course…

    Is it weird that I thought of gluttony for Joey first… before lust?? But then lust, yeah, obviously! I felt like an idiot! 😀 Gunther was a great choice for the 7th character.

    By the way… I don’t know if you ever watched “How I Met Your Mother”… but I always thought this was fascinating…

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    1. What do you think about looking back through some of your old posts (especially poems), and seeing if they describe the various sins? Or maybe you’ll come up with something way more brilliant than that 🙂

      It’s not weird at all that you thought of gluttony for Joey – I did too! The only reason I gave it to Monica was because I truly couldn’t think of anything else that would work for her. Honestly, Joey can be worked to fit several – lust, gluttony, pride, sloth. I don’t see envy for him, though.

      I haven’t seen all of HIMYM, just the first couple seasons. But I love that comparison to Friends!

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      1. Looking through old posts could be interesting. Maybe I’ll just post how each applies to me… I’m definitely a sinner. Although, I’m missing some, I think. Well, one… pride. I’m not sure I’ve got that…

        There are a lot of comparisons between Friends and HIMYM… I also love this one… It’s a picture… I’m actually hoping it doesn’t automatically show up here because it’s got a lot of height — just edit the comment as needed!

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      2. When I was writing this post, I came across an online quiz that tells you what your sin is. I was open-minded to seeing a few different answers, but I was insulted by the one they gave me: sloth. What?! I was actually arguing with the computer – “I work full time and volunteer on the weekends and I’m writing a book! How is that lazy?!” Lol.

        Ohh I love that picture! It’s all so true. And it makes me want to live in a world like those…

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  2. You did it! I LOVE it!!! 🙂

    How did I not immediately see Ross as Wrath?? It’s so obvious now. He’s the angriest character, fuming over tiny slights. Like the time Phoebe worked him up over evolution being a theory (couldn’t fault him though, since that bugs me too).

    See, my mind went to Monica for Pride, since she’s so rigid about doing things her way, but Gluttony totally works for her too. I’m impressed by assigning Pride to Phoebe–it works, but wasn’t obvious because she’s so laid-back and Zen.

    You know, Joey would work well for Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth. Pride too, since he didn’t think he needed to audition for his show. Weird how he’s still so likable.

    Thanks for the shout-out, btw! I’ll put a link back to you, to see if I can create an infinite mirror ping-pong…

    And we’d totally be friends in real life.You think assigning deadly sins to pop culture is FUN. Just like chasing chickens and discussing the psycho-social implications of cheese. 🙂

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    1. I know, if not for Ross, I don’t know that I could’ve found someone for Wrath! I guess Phoebe could sort of work, since she has a lot of angry music. She’s definitely less rage-y than Ross is though. What were you thinking for Pheebs if not Pride?

      I had the same thought about Joey fitting into several of the sins! I think if I went back and really scoured the episodes, I might even be able to find times that he even fits with Envy, but nothing comes to mind right now. And he definitely wouldn’t work for Greed. You’re right though, despite being the most sinful, he’s still a lovable character. No one ever seems to dislike him!

      I love the idea of creating an infinite loop of ping backs, especially ones that are cheese- or chicken-related 🙂 All of our followers will get trapped in the middle!

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      1. Phoebe gets worked up over her issues, like Pottery Barn, so there’s a weak wrath argument. But Ross works so much better.

        I hadn’t fully hashed out a theory yet. Briefly considered sloth for Phoebe, since she is so laid-back and goes with the flow. Pride is the best fit, I think.

        I’d actually argue Greed works for Joey too, based on both moving out and buying all the flashy expensive stuff when he became a soap star (white dog statue).

        He represents everything except Wrath and Envy, imho. Maybe that’s why we like him… he acts out our fantasies by doing whatever he wants, yet still succeeds. And he’s likable because he not a threat to anyone (like someone wrathful or envious).

        He even mispronounces everything and doesn’t care. He’s the guy who literally doesn’t care what anyone thinks. You can’t help but admire that 🙂


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  4. momsranting

    Oh! good one, I started trying to think of which character would have what sin before I read the full post, but kept getting sidetracked with flashbacks from the movie “Se7en” with Brad Pitt. Kind of ruined the fun for me. Bright side, your deadly sign assignation for each character was funny and made me stop thinking of heads in boxes. :O

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