7 thoughts on “Cliches Redone

  1. Love the irreverence 🙂

    On a weird side-note, I just read a book about analyzing people’s personalities based on their homes and offices. It said the presence of these inspirational posters (in traditional, non-joking form) was one of the biggest sign of high neuroticism. Interesting…

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    1. Thanks, this post was inspired by someone in my life years ago who said very seriously that she’d read a “follow your heart” poster and made an important decision. I got excited because this sounded so positive and she’d been in such a bad place — and then she continued to say that she was going to follow her heart into making (what I thought was) a pretty bad decision. Womp womp haha. I’ll never look at that phrase the same way again.

      That is really interesting! What book is this?

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      1. Argh, yes! Those cute slogans are all about context, right? I’ve known people to go hog wild with Wayne Dyerisms in a very bad way.

        The book is called “Snoop.” It’s lots of fun. Gives you insights about profiling people from their stuff. It wasn’t very positive about inspirational posters unless they were being displayed ironically.

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