Quote Challenge – Day One

I was nominated by Mark over at Coloring Outside the Lines to participate in a three-day quote challenge. Thanks, Mark! 🙂

Here are the rules for this challenge:

  • Post one of your favorite quotes(different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own.
  • Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you

For the first day of this challenge, I selected a quote by Fred Rogers. Don’t recognize the name? Maybe you’ll recognize his graffiti visage:


You know you’re a big deal when someone spray paints your face on the side of a wall.

Anyway, Mr. Rogers contributed a lot to the world through his educational children’s TV show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, as well as through his snappy dressing. But my favorite quote of his is this:

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

As I’ve described in another post, I try to stay positive – not just about my own life, but about the world at large. Some days, I have to try really, really hard. And when a true disaster occurs, I can feel myself taking on a hopeless, pessimistic worldview. But I try to remind myself of this quote, because Fred’s mom (Mrs. Rogers?) was right – amidst chaos and sadness, there are ALWAYS people who are trying to lend a hand in some way.

Some offer a comforting touch, or listening ear, and some offer a different kind of assistance, such as through donating money. And some of us help by rating the quesos at various restaurants so others don’t have to.

Three people I’ve nominated to participate in this challenge:

  1. Midnight Musings with Megs
  2. Hotmess Memoir
  3. A Kinder Way

14 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day One

  1. I remember hearing the Fred Rogers died. I was at work and it shocked me and I said something like ‘OMG, I can’t believe Mr. Rogers died’. No one really reacted. My co workers were younger than me and I don’t think they knew who he was. It’s hard to imagine a world where no one remembers Mr. Rogers.


    1. Considering the man was on air for more than thirty years, I can’t believe that anyone over the age of like 13 wouldn’t have heard of him!

      I know I should vary things a bit, but a part of me wants to do Mr. Rogers quotes for all three days.


  2. Oooh, thanks for nominating me! I like this challenge.

    And I love this first quote of yours. I’ve mentioned in random parts of my blog that I started blogging because the news was just getting me down, man. I needed a way to counteract it because it was starting to feel like the world was falling apart. And I’m glad I started the blog partly because I’ve found “the helpers,” like queso raters and other such positive people.

    Mr. Rogers was the best. I, personally, think it’d be awesome if all of your quotes were from him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. I used to watch the news on a nightly basis, and I just had to stop. Like you, it made me feel like the world was mostly scary and sad. Ignoring the news felt “un-grownup” at first, but honestly, the MOST important stuff will still find its way to me, anyway.

      It’s nice to find people who are like-minded in that aspect 🙂 and I haven’t decided on today’s quote yet, so it may very well be Mr. Rogers again.


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